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E&S Curriculum

The E&S major comprises a required set of core courses and completion of a selected concentration.

  • All E&S students are required to take the E&S core curriculum courses.
  • All students must select one of six concentrations consisting of six to ten additional courses.
  • For E&S majors who matriculated before 2018-2019, you may choose to follow the new curriculum or the 2017-2018 curriculum (includes Elective Lists A, B and C).

Students should familiarize themselves as freshmen with the requirements of concentrations in which they may be interested. 

  • Some requirements within the core curriculum are listed as categories with different options listed for fulfilling that requirement. 
  • Four of the six concentrations require or recommend that students select specific courses among those options listed.

Students also should begin to plan in the freshman year for meeting a required capstone experience in their senior year.  Completing an integrative independent study/project or internship, or a research honors thesis, takes advanced planning initiated by early discussion of options with an academic advisor or research mentor.

Many courses within the E&S core curriculum also meet CALS distribution requirements and, depending on the concentration, some courses within the concentrations also meet CALS distribution requirements. However, no course may be double-counted as meeting both E&S core curriculum requirements and E&S concentration requirements.

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