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Many E&S students find internships to be a valuable component of their overall learning experience. Internships are emphasized in the E&S major as a way to link coursework to practical experiences working with agencies, NGOs, businesses and other organizations.  Internships often help students decide graduate pursuits and career choices.

Many internship opportunities already exist for E&S students and efforts are currently underway to expand opportunities for a range of internships to encompass the breadth of disciplines represented in E&S concentrations.  Students are also encouraged to develop their own internship targeted to their unique interests and capacities (start planning early!).  An ideal internship should reflect the integrative nature of the E&S curriculum and support interactions and professional engagement with potential colleagues in work settings.  The internship would also involve some combination of creative problem solving, acquisition of technical knowledge and skills, professional networking, and self-discovery. Consult early with your advisor to plan for an internship.


The Janet McKinley ’74 Family Grant is open to all Cornell sophomores (at the time of application) for the purpose of assisting students in pursuing interesting and entrepreneurial summer projects that benefit the public good. Applicants who have broad interests and demonstrate entrepreneurial creativity are encouraged to apply.  The stipend for the summer experience will cover related costs up $5,000.    Applications are due Monday, March 5th, 2018 by 4:30. Applications can be found here.  For more information, and to view past projects, please visit our website.  For questions regarding the grant and/or your application, please contact Stefana Soitos:


When you emerge from Cornell with a degree in Environment and Sustainability, you will have sound foundations in the natural, social, and quantitative sciences-- plus the depth of your chosen concentration. In addition, you will have written and oral communication skills. Layered onto this will be unique personal experiences promoted by the integrative education theme of this major. As you approach and complete your junior and senior years, pursue your passions and the opportunities that those passions reveal.

The E&S major prepares you for a diverse array of post-baccalaureate career choices that include conservation organizations, innovation in the “green” private sector, state/national conservation agencies, and a variety of graduate schools (e.g., law, medical, and MS/Ph.D. programs ranging from ecology and biogeochemistry to environmental policy and management.


The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences circulates a survey to graduates each year to compile employment information.  Detailed and statistical information on what graduates in environmental science programs as well as other majors in CALS do after graduation can be found the link for the postgraduate report and survey.

OPPORTUNITIES on and off-campus

Enviro-Mentors are graduates students involved in fields of study related to environmental and sustainability sciences. Do you have questions about research opportunities, graduate school or how to get the most out of your scientific training at Cornell? Contact the Enviro-Mentors and they will pair you with a graduate student that shares your scientific interests. See below for a link to a survey to complete.  Please fill out the following survey if you're interested in getting matched up with a graduate student mentor!  Enviro-Mentors Survey.

All-Ivy Environmental and Sustainable Career Fair

The eight Ivy League schools will team up to host the All Ivy Environmental and Sustainable Development Career Fair on February 9, 2018! Representatives from organizations in the private, non-profit and public sectors across a multitude of industries will have the opportunity to connect with top graduate and undergraduate students.  Cornell will host buses to Columbia for the event. More details available on campus.

CALS Career Development Opportunities

The CALS career office can you prepare for your job search, find an internship, summer or full-time job, and provides numerous resources to help students prepare for graduate and professional schools. Services for alumni continue to grow.

Cornell Handshake

Job Search Resources

An extensive number of single job vacancies are also posted on‐line through Cornell Handshake. Cornell Handshake is open to alumni 0—5 years out from graduation. Log in using the username and password you had as a student. (Please call 607-255‐2257 if you need help retrieving your information.) If you graduated more than five years ago, you can search for Cornell alumni job postings by establishing an account at Cornell Handshake.


This online resource will allow you to connect with current Cornell students and allow you share your career insights and advice. It's a valuable resource for you to communicate with students about your experiences. Join CUeLINKS.

Cornell Alumni Searchable Database

Are you looking to learn more about a specific company or would you like to ask some questions about a certain career. Check out the Cornell Alumni Searchable Database.  Log on with your Cornell NetID and search by career field, geographic location, Cornell major, employer, or type of organization.  Things to keep in mind when contacting Cornell Alumni: 

  • Be considerate of their time.
  • Keep your questions to the point and only ask a small number. 
  • Ask if there are courses or skills that they believe would be helpful in pursuing a career in their industry.
  • Do not ask them for a job or internship.
  • Always follow up with a Thank You note.