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Cornell University's Environment & Sustainability (E&S) major is guided by a single principle: understanding and resolving environmental problems requires an interdisciplinary approach.  This cross-college major is available in both the College of Arts & Sciences and the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences. The E&S major provides environmental science and environmental studies curricula under one umbrella in two Cornell colleges.

The E&S major offers students breadth and depth in a wide range of courses pertaining to the environment and sustainability.  All students complete a set of foundation courses (Core Curriculum), after which students tailor their upper-division courses by selecting one of six concentrations.  Enough flexibility remains for students to study abroad or pursue other opportunities offered by Cornell.

Prospective students should explore the E&S learning objectives, curriculum requirements, and career paths pursued by recent graduates. Current students can use this site to explore study abroad and internship opportunities. Also, use Scheduler (course planner) at right to map out the timing of your courses and study abroad, or explore course options for each E&S concentration.